Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thoughts about the holiday

It was great. We were very lucky to have great weather and that it was not too cold. My highlights were the bamboo bridge, Kuang Si falls, Halong Bay and the sunset, squid jigging, swimming in the cold water. No one got sick which was good. I would do Halong Bay again but for longer and I would go back to Kuang Si to see the beautiful falls again. My parents made new friends and so did I. I didn't like the stories about the war and seeing poverty but I would recommend to go visit. What a great Christmas holiday and now I have to go. Thank you all for reading my blog. Stay connected. Happy New Year. Kaia

Last day at Halong Bay

We went to a pearl farm and saw a floating village. The village was so depressing. They are born on the boat and they die on the boat. Their whole lives are spent on the boats. They are poor. 
These are the oysters that have pearls in them. There are different types of oysters for different types of pearls. 

It takes 2 years for the pearls to grow and then they go to the quality test and if they aren't perfect they make them into powder for cosmetics.

Here are pics from the fishing village. There is no heating or water from taps. We went around the village on a rowing boat. The school was also on the water in a green house. These are the houses they live in if they don't live on the boat.
The sky is so beautiful.
The fishing village's temple is below. They are Taoists.
We went home after this. The bus ride home took a long time because of traffic and there was an accident. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas day 🎅🎄🎁

We did not do much we just walked around Luang Prabang. We also played Uno in a cafe called Saffron Cafe which served yummy food. I had a hot chocolate. I got a present. It was a book with a monk sitting on the water with the reflection. 
This is what it looks like inside.
I liked my present. 

The sad day. 😪

Today we are going to leave LP and go to Hanoi. We leave at 17:10. So in the morning we went to a war museum. It was horrible because I hate wars. This was was secret. Millions of bombs were dropped onto Laos. These bombs still kill today.
The child in the pic was injured by a cluster bomb. He was lucky it did not kill him. His friend was not so lucky as he picked it up thinking it was a ball.
Here are the cluster bombs. 

It's really sad and horrible. 

The 1st day in Hanoi 😎

We went in a cyclo (it is tuk tuk with a bike.) This is a cyclo. We toured the old quarter and the lake with them. It was fun. The shops are tiny and they have millions of the same stock but in all different colors. Streets sell the same thing. Christmas lights street. The sticky tape street. It's pretty weird because here in fusion they barely have any stock.
The main Vietnamese dish is phò. I don't like it but my parents do. This is what it looks like. 
The traffic is crazy. Crossing the street you don't look or stop or you die. But you get to the other side ok. It's crazy. It was fun.

Halong Bay 🌺

We are going to Halong Bay.We went in a minibus for 3hours.My mom told me it was amazing. After a long time we finally arrived it was beautiful. This is what the boat looked like.It's called the Stellar. 
We got on and in our rooms. There are 3 floors on the boat the 1st floor had the deluxe cabins,the entrance and the reception.The 2nd floor (our floor) had the honeymoon suite and the premium cabins (our cabin). The 3rd floor was the restaurant and bar and on top there is the sundeck. This is the room that we were in but I had to crop the picture because Zoe had no underwear. 
Here are some of the views. 
We went to see a huge cave afterwards we went swimming. The water was cold. After dinner, we went squid fishing. To fish, we used a bamboo fishing rod and jogged the string up and down under the lights. We didn't catch anything but we saw our guide catch some.
The next day we went on a day boat. Luca, Zoe and Nim went kayaking. 

I chill axed with my mum. Here is a picture of her.

The boat also had a cute cat. Here's the picture. She is 2 months old and likes to play or attack people.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Hill Tribes

The hill tribes make silk out of the silk worms is a picture.